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Informed Refusal Form My physician, , has recommended the following test/procedure/treatment: He/she has explained to me that the potential benefits of the test/procedure/treatment include:
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informed consent in a patient shoes uninformed consent goes something like this okay then mr Miller we've had your blood tests back your white cells in CRP are up so we do think it's appendicitis or it can do for you today is take you for a keyhole operation to take your appendix out and get you better again okay it's a fairly low risk operation just a few cuts in the tummy there's some risks of pain of bleeding and infection and there's a risk that we might need to make that a bigger operation okay and cut open your tummy and I've sighing Tina just sign here for your operation today okay and we'll get you up to theaters and get that done today we'll see you later have I let myself in for valid patient consent requires information and understanding not all patients feel empowered enough to ask doctors questions or to let us know when they don't understand I'm Ellen Jerome I'm one of the surgeons working for mr Philpott the consultant on call today hello we've had the results from your blood tests back some of the markers of infection are raised which supports the diagnosis of appendicitis and what we'd probably recommend for that is a operation a laparoscopic appendicectomy do you know anything about the appendix or appendicitis okay I'll tell you a bit about it now if I just sit here so imagine this is your body okay your legs your belly buttons they're just a few minutes of explaining to the patient what's happening can make all the difference okay then mr Melissa just to summarize we've talked about appendicitis and why we recommend removing the appendix to treat it we've talked about what your recovery is likely to be and a bit about how we do the operation you have any other questions at the moment no doctor I feel very well informed thank you very much from here since it's a sign on the line and we'll see you a bit later free operation thank you these simple steps can improve our patients understanding introduce yourself assess prior knowledge and give them information accordingly use visual aids avoid medical jargon summarize often the opportunity to ask questions and with patient understanding comes patient empowerment and Trust